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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Malaysia... Malaysia... Malaysia...

the goverment have decided to reduced the petrol price by RM0.15 after increased it by RM0.70. c'mon, i think it can be reduce more for the sake of rakyat jelata.

read in the newspaper last week, Pak Lah (our beloved PM) tried to board the public transportation around Klang Valley. ahhha. there you go Pak Lah. its not the nicest system that we have in Malaysia right. now you know why peeps still prefer to drive their own car eventho with the petrol price and jam. all that we tried to say to you have been flashed right in front of your eyes. Pak Lah, i think now is the best time to think about the people who is really trying to survive with the metropolitan living expenses.

Permatang Pauh is just around the corner. will it go on BN's way of PKR's. or will the independent party wins the election. all of this will be answered on 26th August, a day that PKR's claim they will rule. 16 sept a day that PKR said they will take over. Can They...? we'll see..

what ever it is, i hope the current govt will always do the best for Malaysian. bear in mind DEB is the main thing that supporting us.

till then,

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

not a day..

latest news..

i'm working in kemaman at the moment but having my holidays here back in shah alam.. the doc me asked me to stay away from civilisation and avoid any contacts with others.. so, i make some drastic decisions and went back straight to shah alam.. drove for 4 1/2 hrs with my sore eyes.. damn its tiring..

at the moment, doing nothing while resting my day in shah alam.. waiting for my eyes to get better and going out for a movie i guess.. the list is there:
  • harry potter
  • die hard 4.0

work wise, its great to be in kemaman.. lots and lots of things for me to learn in kemaman.. its different everyday.. i like it a lot there..

insyaallah i'll be back in kemaman on saturday.. another 2 weeks there before going off to labuan.. hmmm..

till then,


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

hmm.. its been a while since i last update this version of blogs.. been caught up with my latest blog from friendster i guess..
but now, i'm in dilemma.. stay at the friendster blog or switch to blogger..

Friday, May 13, 2005

new email add..

so.. from now on.. i will change my primary email to
will use the hotmail and yahoo just for the messenger..
right peeps..
see you around..